Increase the selling power of your

real estate listings with 

Narrated Real Estate Video Tours

from EcuComm

As consumers browse and research potential properties, everything we can do to make that experience more productive and enjoyable for the customer is a positive move towards attracting that customer to your business.

Pictures speak volumes about a particular property, but what we miss in most real estate listings is the power of personal contact through embedded narration regarding the property the potential buyer is interested in.

We offer you a simple, but effective way to add that powerful interaction to your listings. With years of experience in broadcast programming, we work with you to produce narration that is professional, effective, and economical!

You may wonder, “Why is this better than simply doing this myself?” The answer is very simply the same reason your clients come to you as a realtor rather than selling their home on their own -- Professional quality product and service!

Narrated Real Estate Video Tours are effective marketing tools for rental properties as well!

We offer a very economical fixed $99 cost for our
Narrated Real Estate Video Tours per produced tour.

To find out how we can add these
Narrated Real Estate Video Tours to your listings, simply contact Bob Geckler at EcuComm by e-mail, or by calling 239-491-5539 or 203-340-3121. We look forward to serving you!

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